Many times we have a preset idea of what should be 'right' and how the conditions should be. Children with their agile mentality are more open for trying different approaches and exploring new angles to what is so familiar to us adults. It is so natural for kids to refuse the concrete boundaries adults so often jail themselves in.


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Word of Appriciation - Part 2

I don't believe National awards have to be given to those who are well known with respect. There are hard working persons without much respect and acknowledgement.  But what he does matters. Its the service we have to accept and acknowledge. To appreciate someones work i don't think you have to begin with his/her appearance but his dedicated work.

I was searching for him by personally riding the market area and asking from friends. All remember buying watch from him and if im not wrong he is deaf. It would be inspiring to know more about these people lives. So if there is anyone who know please do share ;)

With this little information, for the younger audience and for who have met or seen him lets take sometime for this hard working "Humans of Maldives"

For a long time by the market corner, selling perfume, watches and such, stands a man. He is well worthy of appreciation for his hard work.

Photo credit: Kesto

Monday, February 17, 2014

XefroX Choice: Must watch from #Maldives

Happy 2014 awesome readers. Here im presenting you some youtube video's I've came across during a websurf round. Since to save and reffer these in future here im sharing it on my blog. Hope this makes your day. Cheeers.

1. Diver Ayya catches a sword fish with bare hands.

Publishers note:
A lot of people including myself (hmmm) were just watching the fish. Ayya came and took no time to go into the sea. Ayya, by profession is a diver and is fully aware of the behavior of the fish / Marine creatures ranging from normal tuna (teleost) to Sharks (elesmobraches), just went in with bare hands, then got a small stick from a friend and finally, in less than 3 minutes, had the fish out of water as you see in the video. Great and brave guy,..

News source:

2. A tribute to Priyanka Chopra by suneetha ali (MALDIVES) 
 So far I havent came across a single person whom appriciate Suneetha Ali's cotribution to Maldives Film Industry.

Maldives Social media was boomed by the comments with the release of Suneetha's tribute to PC. With all the critism this video got world wide attention with the responce of Priyanka Chopra. Followed by that saw people appriciating her work for the first time.

I agree with Saizan. "At this point the different between ME & is, she has the courage to follow her heart unlike most of us, I GUESS"

3. Tribute To Suneetha Maldives
and the tribute to legendary Suneetha!

4. Huya & Shan - I just called to say I love you (cover) 
Here is a  Valantine gift from Huya and Shan. Dedicated to the girl in rear mirror.

 Hope you enjoyed. cheeers. #AlifHaa

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Tribute to Iyala Mohamed Shareef

I will remember her as extreamly strong and creative girl.  From the moment i logged into the blogger there has been flash backs. Flash backs of days which iya contribute little bit of her to our life. With her creative handycrafts, Poems, Hosting kids show and never to forget the passionate love and care for the kids as preschool aunty. 

The unique smile of yours will be always remembered.

And again we are reminded that death is the one appointment for which no one is late. May God bless your soul and grant you Paradise, Iyala. Amen

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

About Youth Fest - Maldives Online Youth Magazine


YouthFest is an E-publication that targets a youth audience and employs youth writers.  The main reason behind YouthFest is to raise awareness of various youth related issues and to provide a safe platform for constructive dialogue and discussion to take place. YouthFest attempts to create opportunity for youth writers to get published, and to engage in productive community building through narratives.


YouthFest is a rebranding of “Furaavaru”. “Furaavaru” began as an E-magazine in 2007, and was also produced as a TV show on National TV, TVM, as a co-production of TVM and the website. The main

reasons for this rebranding is the broadening of audience; as the name “Furaavaru”  suggests, was aimed at a younger audience. Furaavaru E-magazine was the first online magazine in the Maldives that dealt with teen-related issues, and challenged the norms and taboos in that time. Furaavaru was a huge success; not only did we become a TV show, but we also had 11000-15000 hits per day.

In 2008, when “Furaavaru” became a national TV show, it brought with it the controversies it published about before, to a production platform. Before “Furaavaru” TV show, TVM did not allow nick names to be used on screen. Nor did they allow informal dialogue, informal attire or informal seating arrangements on-screen. After having negotiated our own style and ideas, we managed to implement those on-screen. Needless to say, “Furaavaru” was a success.

What brough us here today was our undeterred persistence in our values. “Furaavaru” was criticized heavily for discussing controversial topics such as incest and sex trafficking in the Maldives so publicly, but we continued. We continued to bring constructive and interactive discussions of such topics, with direct participation of survivors and counsellors on such topics. We strongly believe that for a society to become fully aware of these issues, they must also be educated on the narratives of such abuse. After an initial wave of criticism, “Furaavaru” TV show succeeded in gaining a large audience, and fostering critical thinking among its audience.

YouthFest, like Furaavaru, has various segments represented in the writings. From youth related issues to  health and style,  discussions around healthy relationships, and opinon eds, YouthFest boasts liberty of its writers. Instead of having hired writers who are paid, YouthFest pays for the articles. This is to ensure maximum participation and to ensure that anyone who wants to write to YouthFest can do so. If our editorial board approves the article, it gets published. This ensures not just maximum participation, but also equal opportunity and diversity.


At the beginning we had only 3 members in our team. We first thought of starting a printed magazine. We got the funds for it as well, but decided against it as we didn´t think a printed publication was suitable for our target audience. Since most activity in modern day happen online, we decided to go ahead with our idea of a publication, but instead online.
We were first established as on 18th October 2007. After some successful publications “Furaavaru” became its own TV show on TVM. “Furaavaru” was a segmented program and every episode had three different locations. Outside of developing the script for the episdes, the shooting and editing itself took a week. The last segment of the show was always on aired live and interactive.
After finishing the first season of our TV show we rebranded ourselves as We worked only on the magazine for quiet sometime and was offered a second opportunity to go in-screen, this time on YouthTV, the baby channel of TVM. Team “Furaavaru” was also heavily involved in inagurating this new TV channel. We started our second season here.  Apart from “Furaavaru” we created and presented 3 other TV shows on YouthTV. After all such Youth activism, and production we have now rebranded ourselves to be YouthFest, in an attempt to include all our diverse roles and platforms in one.


Below is a list of our past and present sponcors.
-Whale submarine: Our first sponcor.
-Wataniya: Wataniya was our main sponsor. It was the first time wataniya had given sponsor to an online magazine. We were also offered to cover Wataniya eid celebration events.
-The Human Rights Commission of Maldives:  We have been affiliated with the Commission to present different events and programs.
-NGOs: The NGOs of Maldives has also given us a huge support in what we try to do. They have been of help to improve us too.


Journalists from New York Times recently gave feedback on the website and its contents. Their suggestiong which came in verbal and written form, have been incorportated into  the website. One such noteworthy update was the video plugin. For the purposes of this plugin, they presented us with a HD quality camera. We are grateful for such support and feedback.
We strive to promote inclusive constructive dialogue, and to encourage critical thinking and awareness among youth. We believe in fostering a mindset of community, self-awareness and questioning.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Year 2012: Personal Review

Greetings from the end of 2012! Its been a while I haven’t touched my blog, but here I am, making a post (finally) to let everyone know that I’m still alive! Of course, as per my style of doing things, images will accompany the events (where applicable).
This is soley a personal review of the events in my life, not about things that happened around the country or world. This is purely 100% personal, from my own point of view. Now, let’s get started!

Back to College:

Aaah..tadaa..! On January I start attending to errmm..Actually my first College. Before I've been to many institutes and when i say many i MANY of them..!! Many of the institute are now transformed into colleges. Anyways, going back to study is always good. Best part of the college includes to enjoy the view out side the class room. Benches, which gives the College feel :P and the bush which also gives the college feel.. Got good canteen. Most importantly most of the Lecturers has a lil age difference.. These factors really kept me motivated through out the year.  Beside all those awesome things class mates I got to spend the whole year are very interesting and different personalities. New bonds and friendship was formed.

1st Hijabi Date:

I always say 1st are always special. So I would like to highlight about one of the 1st I did. 1st January 2012 I went to my first date with a Hijab girl ;) She was a very empowered women and one of the few women with a vision/mission. She is one of the Interesting personalty I met in end of 2011. May be thats the reason I end up on a date with her. and yeah, I have a racists mind :P Thats the reason I've not been dating with Hijabi so far :P

Survival of Feb 7 & 8:

Actually 7th Feb event really turn my plans for the year upside down. This really slow down everything. On the other hand this leads to new changes to my path. Going back to 6,7,8 Feb I was lucky enough to witness and record the event first hand and I was lucky and I still thank god for saving me from 8th feb Police brutality, which hopefully i will blog sometime earlier next year. So February was all about Maldives politics. During the conflict I just took  glance at the National Flag. My hopes for the nation raise. Hoping for a United, Civilized brotherhood.

Start working for Civil Society:

So this was unplanned but long dreamed thing. To actively involve in Civil Soceity moment is always a dream I dream. This was lead due to 7th Feb events.
April 28th, I became a Certified Human right defender.  So with all the political conflicts I decided to participate in this seminar to educate about the Democracy, Human rights and most importantly the constitution which is bit Alien to most of us. At the end of the sessions it really opened my eyes. I believe this was the one of the best thing i did in year 2012. From this bunch of pariticipants initiated in "Maldives Poverty" Project. Out of curiosity the whole thing turn out to very interesting field trips, interviews. We are working on a documentry and publication for this project. Till then enjoy the trailor. Btw I got to interview Naasira ;) Another awesome thing i did in 2012.

New Born to the Family - 2nd Nephew

Since im not a family family person I've not been to family gathering etc etc.. But 02.12.2012 Turn out to be one of the Familiest day to me. As we was counting the last days of 2012 my family was blessed with Mariyam Liba binth Ishaaq. Its really amazing to be there. The first apperance of the baby, the patience we all had. Its new to me :P

So at the end of "unexpected" year I thank Almighty God for the blessing and greate unexpected opportunities which i mention on the post and the one i didn mention here. 

and Now i present the New comer of the year "Tony"

So Thank you and Good bye 2012.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Story of my Birthday wish list :P

The truth is: I just wanted to experiment the birthday "wish list" thing for my self. That's it, that's all this is!

I see bloggers, twitter and through facebook people come up with birthday wish lists. At beginning its girls and later it became a uni-sexual thing. Anyways, people come up with different sort of things which I'm gonna skip since Im assuming you would have come across one.

So like that I thought of doing something like this for my birthday too. 

"Woody" was my fav. cartoon character of my childhood days and I wanted a woody since then. Its mention on my current FB profile picture which was uploaded on Dec 2010. 

So it was on my birthday wishlist and unlike previous year when close friends (girls come up with this Q) ask what i want for my birthday I say "WOODY" and like that everything went as I planed and...

Ba dam...

I received 2 Advance birthday gift from one of my office mate Fuzy and Shara when she was on her semester break. 

On my birthday it really surprised me when original woody was on my door steps which was from Manal one of the oldest girl pal ;) currently studying at Malaysia. 

Anyways I don't take birthdays as a special day but at the end of the day it turn out to be special in someway. Word of appreciation, text and calls from friends from abroad and wearing Hijab on that day :P #truestory . 

Out put of the experiment is I got what i want :P keke and got to experience the birthday wish list.. 

Special thanks to three of my girl friends for fulfilling my wish and one more who is aara who gave me a Toy story background cover. 

So this turn out very success full experiment ;D  and a awesome born day for me ;D cheeers

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Xef - The Maldives Human Right Defender

Its not something like... Police, FBI, CID. But more of a planeteers from the Captain Planet series which we used to watch when we were kids. Remember??!! . haha

So about HRD its a 1 week training organized by Maldivian Democracy Network(MDN). You would love the time they offered... 09:00 AM to 06:00PM. Awesome huh.. I wonder how will i survive whole one week of this..and it was about the "gaanoon's and constitution plus international laws. But it turn out to be very interesting sessions with lots of energizing activities and the awesome meals..keke..

So about the "thing" The Network of Human Rights Defenders project is a volunteer Network of dedicated individuals to advocate for and monitor human rights across the Maldives. This Network gives MDN the ability to promote human rights, assess the human rights situation and monitor specific violations on a nationwide scale. Read more from here :)

During the training some of us came up with the idea to document and do a in depth report,survey of Maldivian "Miskeen". Its really very interesting project and i will be updating my readers with it.

About the participants of this training they are very much committed and working towards a change kinda people. Very empowered. Including the lectures and the observer. I thank Aslam, Khadhy, farey and umey for the great contribution.

So i end this post inviting you to follow up the project. cheeers

You can read nxher blog post, one of the participant.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hussein OR Hussain?

This did not click on me 53 minutes ago. Its been since when i was in grade 6. Its been like a decade or more ago. How it happen was. First day at school, class teacher gave us students to write everyone name on a piece of paper. So i wrote it mine and the kid( i was a kid too back then ) next to me poke me and said you dont know how to spell my own name..!? Since then Im confused about how to spell the first name of my name. Hussein/Hussain. I spelled it Hussein.

With the slow connection of Dhiraagu, I end up browsing the only accessable websites which is hosted on Dhiraagu and the two social media. Even they load once in a blue moon kinda way..:P anyways..I end up twiting and I though of this jigsaw piece. Since im studying about research and writing i get into these kinda stuff easily, so I twit and Copied to my Facebook Status about it. Got number of replies from Twitter and specially Facebook. It turn out very productive and informative.

So some they say its "Hussain" others say "Hussein"

Reason for Hussain
Ziyad says : thats how we learnt to say it from the start :P ... Ask our ancestors who started writing it like that... :P
Niuma says: I think its Hussain. Since its how that name is written in Arabic.
Zahir says: Hussain mi namakee Arabi nameh.keethiri rasoolaage kaafa dhari kalakah mi nan dhevigen vey... ei mash-hooru hussain ge faanu. Arabi bahuga aanmukoh beynun kuraa usoolaku ebe fili nuvatha eybey fili eh neendhey... Quran gaves, ebefili nuvatha eybeyfili aisfai vaathan nufeney... baeh qiraaih thakuga eybeyfili gengulhunas mash-hooru shaathibee qiraa-athuga beynun nukurumaa, imaalaaih kurumah onna hama ekani than ''bismillaah majereyhaa'' noon thanakun eybeyfili naumun bodah qabool kuraveny kiyaany HUSSAIN kamah. ehenas kiyaairu aibai fili faalhu nukoh kiyaane kamah qabool kureveny... wallah aulam ;)

Reason for Hussein
Irfan says: Arabic in google translator ga jehyma ves annay hussein.. bodah lafaa kurevey hussein kamah. Xef Rox mikolhu meehun kiyaa ulheny حسين. (he stays at Madina, Saudi arabia)
Jeehaan says: Hussein looks better :P

PS: Later irfan agreed on Zahir's point.

So everyone ended up with "Hussain" with valid reason so I agree with that too. So I seriously did not know how to spell my name back then till yesterday 20.02.2012. True Story ;)

Monday, April 02, 2012

Word of appriciation - Raiy Nizaar-

I don't believe National awards have to be given to those who are well known with respect. There are hard working persons without much respect and acknowledgement.  But what he does matters. Its the service we have to accept and acknowledge. To appreciate someones work i don't think you have to begin with his/her appearance but his dedicated work.

So here I share whom i personally appreciate there works. Starting with Raiy Nizaar!

Since long time back I see this man sweep Maaveyo magu every time I drive or walk through. I'm pretty much sure he is not being paid for what he does. But he does it. While i talk about him i don't know much about his background. So if there is anyone who know please do share ;)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

17th March 2006 – Present

17th March 2006 it’s the day I started to build up my identity in the cyber world.
17th March 2006 day which opens a gate way to whole new people, idea’s.
17th March 2006 day which I started sharing my stories.
17th March 2006 is the day which I Started Blogging.
17th March 2006 is the day I start recording accounts of my life to narrate to my kids..kekeke

PS: If you watch How I met Your Mother, this post will be easy to understand.  :)
Kids! Today I’m going to tell the story of how I started blogging.

Its timing. Timing is everything. For example probably I won’t be the kind of dad I’m today if I haven’t started blogging. Most importantly I would have never met your mother if I weren’t a blogger, at this point it remind me of the saying “sometimes the smallest things make biggest impact on someone’s life” 

Sharing my life was the last thing I thought I would have done. Back then I was bit of a introverted person.
Anyways as I started to know about internet I manage to get connected to home, and after the connection to the newly discovered cyber world, my interest in web design grow and leads me to create a blog. I was inspired by dotraaz and rehendhi.  Few days before I complete 7th year of blogging I met rehendhi which is one of the most empowered woman I met so far, which is also a politician.
At that time I focus on things around me. I badly wanted to criticize on things. Taking the advantage of the anonymity to the fullest. As I go on with blogging, slowly I started sharing thoughts and real life incidents.
My anonymity it did not last for long. Few years later there was a Maldivian Blogosphere which I was part of it and people started knowing each other. I gain more readers including my friends and buddies which exposed my identity day by day.
And kids…there was several times which blogging lead to different sort of relationships, which your mom would not be pleased to be narrated. And yeah..its was a “the thing” at that time.
So kids..its the introduction of the blog where you can dig the stories which will lead you to the point where you exited.